Promotion – 2D & 3D Sublimation Phone Cases


Dear DIY Members,

Good news for everyone. DIY is having YEAR END CRAZY promotion to enjoy “BUY MORE FREE MORE” on our sublimation phone casings such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC and many many more.

It is ONLY RM5 each now after the buy more free more promotion!
YES, only RM5 each!!!

Do visit our DIY showroom in Klang, and grab your sublimation phone casings for coming crazy gift giving seasons such as Christmas & Valentine’s Day soon.

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556 / 019.3232.740 / 019.3232.930 / 019.3232.783 / 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry. Thanks :D

Visit now and enjoy online shopping with us.

– while stocks last & valid till further notice

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New Biz Opportunity for the New Year

As everyone is well aware of, 2014 is coming to an end fast! Soon it’ll be 2015 which represents another new beginning.

New beginnings mean new opportunities, new chances and new resolutions to become better. What are your goals for this New Year? Perhaps looking for a new business opportunity?

If you are, then DIYPrintingSupply is the right place to begin. At DIYPrintingSupply, we provide the best ideas and assistance for businesspeople that are interested in the industry. Specialising in the DIY gift printing industry, we make it a mission to ensure that our clients receive the best business ideas ascertaining them to score high profits with low starting investment.

Here at DIYPrintingSupply, we provide assortments of gift printing business packages varying from T-Shirts to mugs to button badges and many more. Our attentive staff will be more than happy to provide you with free business consultations and hands-on training. Not only that, you will get free video tutorials and also other added services that sum up to RM 1200!

DIYPrintingSupply Showroom in Klang, Selangor.

Cash and carry concept, no minimum order quantity required.

Ready stocks available.

For further information or questions, do feel free to contact us or pay us a visit. Details are below.


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Download Guideline & Price List of DIY Gift Printing Business


How to download guideline & price list of DIY gift printing business for free?
Just follow below steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the form and remember to tick “Request for all price list” check box.
  3. You will be redirected to next page to download the “Guideline of DIY Gift Printing Business” for free.
  4. Check email for login detail and access into our price list.
    (* login detail valid for 7 days)
  5. Enjoy shopping with DIY and start making your money with DIY gift printing business! ^_^

WHY SHOULD YOU start making money in DIY gift printing business? Read this.

For any enquiry, please email: /
Or call 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 / 6019.3232930
Or visit our DIY showroom in Klang, Bandar Baru Klang.

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Turning Ceramic Tiles Into Something More

For years and years we have used plain coloured ceramic tiles to decorate the walls and floors of our homes. Today, we’re going to change that and show you how plain ceramic tiles can be something else, something much more beautiful.

Ceramic tiles can be used as a great personalised gift, printing pictures or designs onto it using the sublimation heat transfer method. These can be a great present that will add a personal touch to the special memories that is created through the pictures.

Besides that, it can also be used for interior and exterior decorating in your homes. Ceramic tiles can add unique touches to your home whether it’d be in your kitchen, bathroom or even living room. It is something that will make your home different than any other homes. Not only that it is a unique idea, ceramic tiles are also known to be very durable and can last in the long run without the colour fading. Occasionally cleaning it with a damp cloth will help to sustain the quality of the tile.

 Some examples of decorating your homes with decorative ceramic tiles are shown in the pictures below.

DIYPrintingSupply recently worked with the collaboration of Paddle Pop Ice-cream and Legoland Malaysia Resort to create this wonderful decorative photo tile.

Order your decorative ceramic tiles at our website for excellent deals and service.

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Practical Ways to Start Your Certificate Printing Business

Ever wonder who prints and produce the certificates that are placed neatly in your portfolio file? Well, there are people who specifically print certificates as their job and daily income. Certificate printing is a practical business but it is taken for granted. Why do we say that? Well because it is rarely ever heard of and it is not advertised widely like we see of customised T-Shirt printing or personalised mug printing.

So here are some handy tips for you out there who are thinking of starting in this field of business.

Follow the Guidelines

There are certain rules that you have to follow when producing certificates. For example, your certificate layout designs should follow the protocols and guidelines that have been set. That’s right, there are guidelines that you have to follow. To learn more about this, you can search it online.

Printing certificates for primary schools are less strict and flexible. This is because primary school level certificates aren’t usually included in portfolios. However when printing certificates for secondary school level, university level, short courses, seminars and so on… The guidelines and rules applied for printing them are quite strict. So it is essential that before printing, you should study on the guidelines of printing certificates to ensure that you do it without mistakes.

Advertise it

Certificate printing is not as known in the market as compared to T-Shirt printing, souvenir printing, or button badge printing and many more comparable to it. So what every expert suggest when you’re in a business field that is not popular, is to invest some money into advertising your products and services. Make the public see it so they are aware that you are offering services such as certificate printing.

If you are short on budget, don’t worry! With the world’s latest technology, there is a way to advertise without using expenses. You can be active on social media and apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and the list is endless. The key is to make sure that your message is sent out for the public to see.

Networking and Promoting

In any business fields, networking and promoting is vital. To get customers, this is exactly what you should do especially if you are only starting in business. Thinking and acting as a businessperson, you should be able to promote your business wherever you go. Be outgoing and friendly but do not be outspoken. Of course, there are limits and ways on how you should do it without intimidating the other person.

Another important thing that you have to remember is, always hand out to people your business card. This is a great way to spread the information because you may never know maybe the person who you gave your business card to in the first place, might recommend your business to a contact of their own. Through that, your networking can grow.

With that said and done, DIYPrintingSupply would like to wish you good luck in your businesses. Always feel free to contact any of our staff for advice or enquiries.

Surf through our website to know about the machines, equipment and materials that we sell. DIYPrintingSupply promise quality and great prices!

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Sublimation Blanks Year End Promotion @ 25% Discount Off

Sublimation Blanks - Year End Promotion in Malaysia

Dear DIY Members,

Good news for everyone. DIY is having YEAR END CRAZY promotion to enjoy 25% discount off on our sublimation blanks such as Non Woven Bag, Mini Tee, Baby Bib, Jigsaw Puzzle, Mousepad & Coaster, Polymer Keychain, Wooden Keychain, Metail Keychain and many many more.

Do visit our DIY showroom in Klang, and grab your sublimation blanks for coming crazy gift giving seasons such as Christmas & Valentine’s Day soon.

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry. Thanks :D

Visit now and enjoy online shopping with us.

– with purchase of same items above 200pcs
– while stocks last & valid till further notice

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iPhone Casing (Foldable): 4/4S & 5/5S Crazy Promo

Price revised from RM 10 to RM 7 with Buy 5 Free 1..
Valid till further notice and while stocks last..


Sublimation iPhone Foldable Case is the latest in our range of sublimation ready iPhone cases. We are proud to bring our customers the long awaited iPhone blank case available for wholesale from the usual sources.

To create a personalized iPhone casing in few simple steps:
1. Print the design on sublimation paper using sublimation ink.
2. Wrap the paper tightly around the metal aluminium sheet, hold in place with heat-resistant tape.
3. Heat in a flat press.
4. Remove the sublimation paper and the adhesive paper on the sheet.
5. Stick the sheet on the plastic case with double sided tape.
6. Done.

Model: For iPhone 4/4S/5/5S
Material: PU + Microfiber + Flocking with white polyester
Size: 7.5*14.5cm

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry. Thanks :D

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100% Polyester Dryfit T-shirt Promo – Buy 10 FREE 2


BUY 10 FREE 2! * Limited Stock

Material: 100% Polyester (suitable for heat transfer printing)

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Female S, Female M, Female L, Kid 24”, Kid 26″, Kid 28”
Color: White
Printing Temperature: 350F or 170C
Printing Time: 70 sec
Use sublimation paper (premium) with high quality sublimation ink for better & durable printing quality.
Get a telfon sheet, cover the sublimation paper on the T-shirt and heat to prevent overheating on the T-shirt.
Start T-shirt heat transfer printing business with NO MOQ today.

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry.

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Personalising Unique Mouse Pads

In order to make your DIY business stand out in the eye of the public, you have to think of unique ideas to impress your clients. This is an idea that is quite rare and not many people think about, personalising mouse pads!

If you have ever worked on the computer, you probably know how a mouse pad functions. A mouse pad is something that people use every day without even realizing it. It is also a perfect present to be customised with something unique or sentimental for a special someone who uses the computer on a daily basis.

Have it customised with photos or even with just random patterns that would make the mouse pad desirable to the eye. And who knows? Perhaps with a little something like a customised mouse pad, it would be a motivation to push further and be more hardworking at work.

Interested in printing mouse pads? At DIYPrintingSupply, we sell them for reasonable prices with great quality and durability. Not only that but we also have them in 3 different fun shapes. Refer to the picture below.

Click here to buy!

To print on a mouse pad, you can use the heat sublimation printing method. Using sublimation paper, sublimation ink and inkjet printer will make you achieve great results when printing a mouse pad.

Do not hesitate any longer! Try it now.

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Recommended Business for Photographers

Calling for all photographers that are thinking of broadening your photography business, this is the perfect opportunity for you. As a photographer, travelling to different places in order to capture great snaps and angles of sceneries, people and culture is a normal thing to be doing. However, don’t you think it is a waste if the pictures are only kept in your SD Card never to be printed out?

Pictures are great to be viewed on the computer screen and the camera display screen, however they are even better plus with added sentimental value when they are printed onto photo paper and you can view it in real life. If you can relate with that, then why not invest in a really good photo printer? You get better quality pictures, better colour pay off plus the pictures are guaranteed to last longer!

If you love the idea of printing your pictures with great quality, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your business. Make more profits by using your photo printer. Instead of using it for only you, why not make use of your photo printer and provide other services that can be of use?

There are many reasons why you should start a photo printing business using the photo printer that you have invested in. It is a unique business idea that many people do not provide however consumers actually need it. Sure, you can print pictures with an everyday home printer, but the quality is just not the same. That is why consumers will go to a photo shop to get their photos developed and this is where you can make money from it.

Therefore, photo printing is a recommended business for photographers because photographers then can provide not only photography services but along with printing services as well so that your clients will not have to go anywhere else to get high quality prints. Extra fast prints will also be an advantage to avoid keeping your clients from waiting too long.

Get your own high quality photo printer at where we provide your business starter packages, advice consultations, technical services and more.

DIY Printing Supply SDN BHD


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