iPhone Casing (Foldable): 4/4S & 5/5S Crazy Promo

Price revised from RM 10 to RM 7 with Buy 5 Free 1..
Valid till further notice and while stocks last..


Sublimation iPhone Foldable Case is the latest in our range of sublimation ready iPhone cases. We are proud to bring our customers the long awaited iPhone blank case available for wholesale from the usual sources.

To create a personalized iPhone casing in few simple steps:
1. Print the design on sublimation paper using sublimation ink.
2. Wrap the paper tightly around the metal aluminium sheet, hold in place with heat-resistant tape.
3. Heat in a flat press.
4. Remove the sublimation paper and the adhesive paper on the sheet.
5. Stick the sheet on the plastic case with double sided tape.
6. Done.

Model: For iPhone 4/4S/5/5S
Material: PU + Microfiber + Flocking with white polyester
Size: 7.5*14.5cm

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry. Thanks :D

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100% Polyester Dryfit T-shirt Promo – Buy 10 FREE 2


BUY 10 FREE 2! * Limited Stock

Material: 100% Polyester (suitable for heat transfer printing)

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL, XXL, Female S, Female M, Female L, Kid 24”, Kid 26″, Kid 28”
Color: White
Printing Temperature: 350F or 170C
Printing Time: 70 sec
Use sublimation paper (premium) with high quality sublimation ink for better & durable printing quality.
Get a telfon sheet, cover the sublimation paper on the T-shirt and heat to prevent overheating on the T-shirt.
Start T-shirt heat transfer printing business with NO MOQ today.

Call or Whatsapp 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 for sales enquiry.

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Personalising Unique Mouse Pads

In order to make your DIY business stand out in the eye of the public, you have to think of unique ideas to impress your clients. This is an idea that is quite rare and not many people think about, personalising mouse pads!

If you have ever worked on the computer, you probably know how a mouse pad functions. A mouse pad is something that people use every day without even realizing it. It is also a perfect present to be customised with something unique or sentimental for a special someone who uses the computer on a daily basis.

Have it customised with photos or even with just random patterns that would make the mouse pad desirable to the eye. And who knows? Perhaps with a little something like a customised mouse pad, it would be a motivation to push further and be more hardworking at work.

Interested in printing mouse pads? At DIYPrintingSupply, we sell them for reasonable prices with great quality and durability. Not only that but we also have them in 3 different fun shapes. Refer to the picture below.

Click here to buy!

To print on a mouse pad, you can use the heat sublimation printing method. Using sublimation paper, sublimation ink and inkjet printer will make you achieve great results when printing a mouse pad.

Do not hesitate any longer! Try it now.

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Recommended Business for Photographers

Calling for all photographers that are thinking of broadening your photography business, this is the perfect opportunity for you. As a photographer, travelling to different places in order to capture great snaps and angles of sceneries, people and culture is a normal thing to be doing. However, don’t you think it is a waste if the pictures are only kept in your SD Card never to be printed out?

Pictures are great to be viewed on the computer screen and the camera display screen, however they are even better plus with added sentimental value when they are printed onto photo paper and you can view it in real life. If you can relate with that, then why not invest in a really good photo printer? You get better quality pictures, better colour pay off plus the pictures are guaranteed to last longer!

If you love the idea of printing your pictures with great quality, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your business. Make more profits by using your photo printer. Instead of using it for only you, why not make use of your photo printer and provide other services that can be of use?

There are many reasons why you should start a photo printing business using the photo printer that you have invested in. It is a unique business idea that many people do not provide however consumers actually need it. Sure, you can print pictures with an everyday home printer, but the quality is just not the same. That is why consumers will go to a photo shop to get their photos developed and this is where you can make money from it.

Therefore, photo printing is a recommended business for photographers because photographers then can provide not only photography services but along with printing services as well so that your clients will not have to go anywhere else to get high quality prints. Extra fast prints will also be an advantage to avoid keeping your clients from waiting too long.

Get your own high quality photo printer at DIYPrintingSupply.com where we provide your business starter packages, advice consultations, technical services and more.

DIY Printing Supply SDN BHD


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PVC Card Materials For PVC Card Printing Business – 20% Discount off

PVC Card Materials

20% Discount Off!
RM80/pkt (normal price: RM100)

Colour: Silver & Gold
Material: PVC
Size: 200mm X 300mm
Thickness: 0.76mm (0.15mm + 0.46mm + 0.15mm)
Packing: 25 sheets / pkt

– Mainly used for fast, simple and low quantity ID card making.
– Suitable for personalized ID or photo card making business.

1. Print image on print material and wait for the ink to dry (5 – 10min)
2. Tear off the protect films of the core sheet, put two printed material (image inward) on two surfaces of the core sheet
3. Press them together with laminator machine (temperature is 120-160)
4. Cut and punch the PVC cards with PVC die cutter
5. Tear off the protect film on the surface

Call 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 or visit our DIY showroom in Klang for more  details.

More about PVC card materials,
please go to http://diyprintingsupply.com/products.asp?prodtype=22

START YOUR PVC CARD PRINTING BUSINESS FROM RM800 @ http://diyprintingsupply.com/pvc-id-card-package.asp

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What is 3D Film Paper?

Let DIYPrintingSupply introduce to you the new 3D film paper in our stores now. It is a transparent layer of plastic that is used to protect pictures from unwanted things like scratches, water, weather, etc. Other than that, it can also be used simply as decoration to make your pictures look more textured. The 3D film paper is about 90 microns in thickness (not including the sticker). You can find it in A4 size and it comes in two different finishes which are specifically glossy and sparkling.

How to apply the 3D film paper?

Step 1: Select an image and print it out onto a photo or inkjet paper for better colour quality.

Step 2: Peel the sticker and paste the 3D film paper on top of your printed image.

Step 3: Place it in the laminator, you can used either hot or cold setting.

Step 4: Congratulations, your picture is now finished!

For more information on the new 3D film paper, click here.

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Sublimation Non Woven Bag For Heat Transfer Printing

Sublimated Print on Non Woven Tote Bag
The sublimation non-woven bags, can be printed pattern both sides, eco-friendly, convenient and practical, also be a good choice for the sales promotion.

Our quality sublimation non-woven bags are specially for heat transfer printing as it is able to be heat up to 150C.

2 Sizes Available:
37.5cm X 37.5cm
25cm (Width) X 32.5cm (Height)

  1. Non woven PP are inexpensive and offer exceptional quality .
  2. It give an advantage of strength whilst being lightweight, which makes them the ideal packaging solution for many different products.
  3. Logo imprint also available for advertisement purpose
  4. They are perfect for shopping , promotions, exhibitions and re-sale
  5. Non woven bags are Enviromentally Friendly as they are 100% Recycled & Biodegradable

Call 019.3232.556, 019.3232.930, 019.3233.864 or visit our DIY showroom in Klang for more  details.

More about sublimation non woven bag, pls go to http://www.diyprintingsupply.com/products.asp?prodtype=63

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Top 3 Reasons Graphic Designers Should Consider DIY Based Businesses

Personalised phone casings

Graphic design is the method of conveying a message to the public via a visual communication. A graphic designer is responsible for making all visual communications like posters, banners, images on websites, etc., possible. Working as a graphic designer enables oneself to use the right hemisphere part of the brain every day. This is an advantage in the ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) based business because believe it or not, your level of creativity is one of the reasons that will cause your high and low profit rises.

There are three great reasons why a graphic designer should consider the DIY based business line, read on to find out the reasons why.

#1 Widen your level of creativity

As a graphic designer, you are given a special skill of creativity that not everyone is gifted with. Why not use that skill to widen your level of creativity? If you are a freelance graphic designer, this is your chance to expand your business. If you are a full time graphic designer, make this line of business as a part-time or a side income. DIY based businesses allow you to widen your level of creativity because you are always designing fresh ideas for you customers. In the industry you will be forced to explore many types of designs according to the different likings of a customer. This is a way that you can widen your level of creativity.

Personalised photo ceramic tiles

Personalised photo ceramic tiles

#2 Attract consumers with your skills

It is always great to explore something new and different. Consumers also like that, something that is new and fresh in the market is always a hot item. This is your chance to produce designs that are extraordinary to attract consumers to purchase it. As a graphic designer, you can create designs that are very unique and never before seen in the market. This should make your consumers interested in your products hence giving you profits.

Personalised photo clocks

Personalised photo clocks

#3 Expand your networking contacts

By having a business such as the DIY based business you can gain a lot of networking contacts from gigs, events or even as a recommendation from past your customers. As long as you keep stay in contact with your networking contacts, there may be a chance that these people can become your new potential customers in the future.

Start  DIY  Gift Printing Business With DIYPrintingSupply.Com NOW

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Person : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
Website : www.DIYPrintingSupply.com
Email : enquiry@DIYPrintingSupply.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/diyprintingsupply

~ Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority ~

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DIYPrintingSupply.com Participated In A Blood Donation Campaign




Our Boss, Vincent Tong also one of the heroes! We feel proud and salute to him !


What if there was an easy way to help people and also give boost to your own health? There are 3 big reasons to donate blood:

  • Save people life
  • Remove excess iron
  • Get a health screening

In 18th of October, DIYPrintingSupply.com actively participated in a blood donation campaign that organised by Ler See Foundation (Ban Lee Hin Group of Companies) at Wei Ling Temple.

Whether you are the one who need someone’s blood, or you’re just a giving person, we want all the blood donors to know how much they’re appreciated. All the blood donors are heroes beyond measure. They spent their own time and put the effort to save the lives of anonymous people; people that they not even know except they have the same blood type.

We, DIYPrintingSupply.com has no adequate words to express our gratitude to the blood donors, so a simple “button badge” with thank you from deep of our heart will have to do.

In 2014, DIYPrintingSupply.com will maintain our sponsorship and continue to expand our CSR program!




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Sponsored Button Badge for Blood Donation Campaign of Lions Club of Sungai Buloh



Sg Buloh Combine Photo 2 Sg Buloh Combine Photo

PrintEveryone can make a world of difference to someone in somewhere with a simple and short procedure. Blood donation is the simplest way that you can do anytime and be sure that you have helped someone with this little procedure.

A number of blood donors gathered at SJK (C) Sungai Buloh to donate blood on 12th October 2014 that organized by Lions Club of Sungai Buloh District 308-B2 Malaysia.

We, DIYPrintingSupply.com also involved in this blood donation campaign. In order to support this meaningful event, we have sponsored and custom made a button badge for all the blood donors, nurses, doctors, helpers and also blood donor’s families. To make this event more memorable, we took their photo and printed on the button badge and give them instantly. This personalized photo button badge is the motivating materials and act to sensitize the community and make them feel that they had contributed to the society after they donate their blood.

Last but not least, thank you Lions Club of Sungai Buloh for giving us this opportunity to contribute to the society and all the support from everyone out there.  See you all soon!

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