5 Do It Yourself Small Business Marketing and Sales Tips

51When you start a business, you will always have a feeling to conquer the market. But not many know where to START or HOW TO DO IT.

In this post, we would like to share tips in order to market and sale your product.

1.   Do Not Fear To Start

In any business, you must know they will be a risk you need to faces. Most important is you must have high confidence level to succeed and do not fear to start. No matter what, remember, great success begin with 1st step.

2.   Focus On Your Target Audience

It’s very important for you to know who will be your customer. When you know who will buy your product or use your services, other marketing plan will be very easy. You also need to study about your target market, identifying their needs before you can create something that will help to satisfy their needs.

253    Start  A Company Blog

Blog have their own power to inform your audience about your company, your product or services and many more. You can also share useful tips about anything that might caught people attentions and to build good relationship. Always allowed them to comment because from that, you know what they want.

4.   Run SEO Campaign

SEO is important in order to make many visitor comes to your website. This is the most cost effective way to connect buyers with seller. There’s no better way to market your business than to ensure your company is highly visible when a potential customer searches for your product or services online.  SEO by far, gives us the highest return on our investment.

5.   Measuring Your Marketing 

Always measure your marketing plan from time to time. You must know if your marketing plan is successful or not. If your plan A doesnt work, don’t panic, you still have another 25 more letters right?

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DIYPrintingSupply.com in BOOK OF RECORDS by KERIS Award for The Year 2002-2013.


In the post DIYPrintingSupply.com at ‘12th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2013’ we have shared about the award and recognition received by DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd. by Entrepreneur Development Association, Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance and Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Councils.

This time, again DIYPrintingSupply.com has received an honour to take part in BOOK OF RECORDS by KERIS award for the year 2002-2013.

Let’s us recap the proposed of  “The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award” is:

  • In this commercialized society where deceits and frauds have tremendously impeded the comprehensive development of the entire industry, honesty of an enterprise has become increasingly important. Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. It is also a vital indicator when entrepreneurs choose their strategic partners or when consumers make their purchasing decisions. We look forward to building up an “Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Community”, which will definitely benefit honest entrepreneurs.
  • To promote the reformation, renovation and computerization of pioneering enterprises so as to encourage the development and progress of other enterprises.
  • To enhance and promote the collaboration, information exchange and cooperation among enterprises within the Asia Pacific region

DIY Page - Copy (3)We at DIYPrintingSupply.com feel very fortunate and appreciates everyone who has kept supporting us from day one until we have become who we are today. This award is proof that we are committed in this business and we will continue helping YOU to start your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the heat transfer printing industry.

How do we help you?

  1. By giving the best quality product with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  2. By providing best and competitive price on the machine and sublimation blanks
  3. By giving best sharing technical services and product knowledge.
  4. many more..

Start making money with heat transfer printing business. Low cost and high profit business available today. Get PROMO price for DIY Business Package here~

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How to make Magnet Sticker With Epson Printer T60 & Silhouette Cameo?

fridge magnet stickerHave you ever left your fridge empty without any accessories stick on it? Like, seriously? Sticker magnet is a very cool, especially when you used it as a promotional tool. If you are targeting homemakers, the custom magnet sticker is the best promotional gift item.

Any sized of magnetic sticker, will always give a good impact for the company.  This is why, we can see most companies choosing an attractive color and image to capture viewer attention.

Magnetic Papers

There are 2 types of custom magnets:

  1. Acrylic fridge magnets: they were thicker and suitable to promote long-term advertisements.
  2. Jumbo acrylic magnets: it have solid design that can help to promote business products or services.

How to DIY Magnet Sticker

You can always use traditional method which is design-print-cut and done! However, does the outcome give you great result with 100% satisfaction?

This is why DIYPrintingSupply.com introduce the Cutting Plotter Business Package! With this package, the process of making magnet sticker will be much more easier.

The process of making custom magnet sticker with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO® is as easy as below diagram:

how to make magnet sticker

 1. Design

There are many software online and offline you can choose to design such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Epson T60

2. Print with Epson T60

Print (we proposed using Epson T60) your design on the magnetic paper. Choose from different magnetic papers (glossy or matte) and select the perfect magnetic paper for your particular use.


3. Cut with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO®

Silhouette CAMEO® helps with cuts any type designs out of a variety of materials, including the sticker papers, photo papers, magnetic papers and transfer papers to vinyl transfer films and more up to 12″ wide and 10 feet long. Watch this video for more understanding~

Now you can start DIY magnetic sticker with Cutting Plotter Package by DIYPrintingSupply.com. Get DIY PROMO Package from RM2,xxx and received Silhouette CAMEO® with cutting mat, adjustable blade, silhouette studio, instructional DVD, universal hook, tweezers as well as training & certificate.

call us today


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DIYPrintingSupply.com at TAC Total Annual Conference 2014

On 9th August 2014, Total Business Advisory Sdn Bhd. has organised an event called TAC (Total Annual Conference) plus the annual dinner. They have invited many of their clients including DIYPrintingSupply.com.

TAC Total Annual Conference 2014For your information, Total Group of Companies (TOTAL) in Malaysia is the provider of accounting advisory services, audit, tax, business advisory services and financial advisory services. TOTAL’s approach is assisting and responding to client’s complex business challenges.

The purposed of the event is as a friendly, welcoming for all TOTAL clients and also in order to launch the new GST software called ATS (Audit Tracking System) to help merchants in dealing with taxation.

The TBA has invited YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (Member of Parliment for Lembah Pantai and the Vice President of KEADILAN) to launch the new ATS software in this historical ceremony.

DIYPrintingSupply.com at TAC Total Annual Conference 2014DIYPrintingSupply.com is also taking part in this event by sponsoring about 300 photo mugs as a door gift. As return, we had received a special sponsorship token from YB Nurul Izzah Anwar and Total Business Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

TAC Photo MugsPhoto mugs are a great corporate gift especially for an event that required formal attractions such as annual dinner, product launching etc. DIYPrintingSupply.com are very honored to take part in this event and had an opportunity to contribute our classic white mugs.

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How to Print Mug Using Combo Heat Press Machine

Mug Printing Business

Combo heat press machine with mug attachment is suitable for various DIY gift printing business. You can custom make more than 200 types of DIY gifts including the photo mugs.

To print on a mug, you need to have an additional mug attachment. You  now can several types of mugs such as color mug, magic mug, glass mug etc. WITHOUT nee to buy extra mug press machine.

However, if you have a repeating printing on T-shirts and mugs, it is advisable to order an individual mug press machine for faster printing process. Don’t makes your client to wait!

More details on mug printing business package, click here http://www.diyprintingsupply.com/digital-mug-press-package.asp

Start your DIY gift printing business TODAY with combo heat press machine. In this video, let us see how to print your mug with mug attachment on combo heat press machine.

Start Your Mug Printing Business with DIYPrintingSupply.com TODAY!! CONTACT US NOW!!!

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Number : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
Website : www.DIYPrintingSupply.com
Email : enquiry@DIYPrintingSupply.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/diyprintingsupply


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Photo Printing Business With HiTi Photo Printer

83Do you love to taking picture? or do you know anyone who involved in photo taking and printing business? If you do, HiTi 510L (P510L) machine is suitable for you.

The HiTi P510L Photo Booth Dye-Sub Printer outputs prints in popular sizes up to 6″ x 9″ and features a 2″ x 6″ strip auto cut.

The printer can output both glossy and matte prints and features a front-loading design for easy consumable replacement. The printer can output both glossy and matte prints on the same media, allowing you to switch between them without having to swap media.

Additionally, the OEE II image processor and 10-bit color engine provide accurate color and tones.

Why DIYPrintingSupply.com highly recommended HiTi Digital Photo Thermal Printer (P510L)?26

Here are some of the reason:

  • HiTi 510L (P510L) Printer Features Easy Replacement of Consumables:
    The front loading design of the HiTi P510L printer allows for easy access to the ribbon and paper roll resulting in easy and efficient maintenance procedures.
  • World Leading Output Quality:
    By adding an all-new OEE II image processor, HiTi is leading the industry in providing 10-bit deep color performance and unparalleled RGB-Level. The exclusive HiTi P510L Photo Printer Color technology and 10-bit Color Engine create vibrant colors as well as natural and continuous tones, offering both professionals and amateurs the best color output quality.
  • Lower Power Consumption:
    HiTi P510L photo printer delivers industry-leading performance and consumes less power. The total power consumption of HiTi P510L is about 300W, and less than 20W as printer is idling.

To know more about HiTi Digital Photo Thermal Printer (P510L) click here – http://www.hiti.com/us/images/products/WFT510_P510Si_DM_01.pdf

At DIYPrintingSupply.com, we do supply HiTi Digital Photo Thermal Printer (P510L) in a very affordable price.


You also can get promo price by choosing Photo Printing Package by DIYPrintingSupply.com from RM4, xxx. Other than HiTi Digital Photo Thermal Printer (P510L), you will also get  Thermal Ribbon & Photo Paper 4R (4″ X 6″) (330 prints X 2 Rolls) and special added value such as technical support, member account registration, user manual, starter kit CD, design templates & video tutorials up to RM 200.

Click Here To Start

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DIY Printing Supply at KLIGP 2014!

Just last week, the 6th annual Kuala Lumpur International Gifts, Premium and Stationery Fair (KLIGP) was held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur. The terrific event was organised by the Malaysian Gifts and Premium Association (MGPA) with the help of Federal of Stationers & Booksellers Association of Malaysia (FSBAM) as the co-organiser. The three day event focused mainly on creative retail gifts, promotional premium items, specialty printings, product packaging on display and many more. Besides Malaysia, countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea also opened booths to promote their creativity.


DIY Printing Supply SDN BHD was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join the amazing event. For DIY Printing Supply, this was our first time at the KLIGP, so we were all very pumped to make this event a success and our expectations were on its peak.Our KLIGP team did a great job with decorating our temporary showroom and made it look very welcoming. We displayed some of our products to ensure that our visitors will have a slight idea of what DIY Printing Supply is about.


We provided literal samples, promotional leaflets, informative brochures, pictures not to mention face to face consultations with our sales and technical team.

10344142_811798902171695_1949177844130221272_oThe three day event kept our KLIGP team very busy. Some visitors came to our booth just to have a good browse at our products while some seemed very interested to buy. There were also visitors that had already studied our website and had in mind exactly what they wanted from our booth.

10255315_811798855505033_814128408710143659_oThe great effort that our team showed during the event was more than excellent. Good job team! Special thanks to KLIGP for organising a successful event for us be part of, thanks to all our customers and visitors who showered us with positive feedback and support, and last but not least millions of thanks for our all the staffs at DIY Printing Supply for all your hard work of making it possible.

Overall, KLIGP 2014 was such a remarkable success for DIY Printing Supply. We can’t wait till KLIGP 2015!


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Start your DIY business with a Heat Press Machine

come in we're openIf you are starting a printing business or perhaps already have one, it is important to purchase a machine that suits your budgets besides it should be somewhat convenient in the present and the future. You should start off with a machine that has multiple functions so that it is your money’s worth.

The type of work that you will be doing, the amount of work, and your work space area are some of the factors that needs to be taken under consideration while choosing for the right business equipment, not to mention also the manner and experience of the person who will be operating the machines.


An equipment that has multifunction qualities is the heat press machine which can be used transferring graphic images on any kind of material with a flat surface such as

T-shirts, pillow cushions, jigsaw puzzles, and phone casings. It is best to choose a
heat press machine with good quality in order to save valuable time and expense.



A heat press is a machine which allows you to transfer graphic images you have printed earlier with your printer, onto a material of your choice. There are varieties of heat press machines that come in different shapes and sizes that you can choose from.

DIY Printing Supply provides you with A4 and A3 sized heat presses. We also have varieties of heat presses to choose from like the combo heat press, mug heat press and cap heat press.

DMHP-ER_pic1 DPHP-ER_pic1

Along with these heat press machine, there are accessories to go along with them such as soft mats, teflon sheets and oven gloves which are optional however might be very handy.

Heat presses provide features like full digital temperature control, automatic digital timer, advanced casted aluminum heating board for excellent heat conductivity solid steel welded framework with easy pressure adjustment, and aesthetic appearance with less noise, plus security and a longer lifetime.

Start  DIY  Gift Printing Business With DIYPrintingSupply.Com NOW

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Person : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
Website : www.DIYPrintingSupply.com
Email : enquiry@DIYPrintingSupply.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/diyprintingsupply

~ Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority ~

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Difference Between Dyes Ink, Sublimation Ink and Pigment Ink

All inkjet printer inks used in the home and most businesses use a similar formulation. The basic make-up of ink jet inks is de-ionized water as the solvent, isopropyl alcohol or glycol as the drying agent, and dye base to provide the color. There is a 3main ink use for printing which is Dye Ink, Sublimation Ink, and Pigment Ink.


The dye in the dye-based ink dissolves in water like sugar does in water completely.
It’s also known for easily obtaining saturated, brilliant colors due to its small molecular size, 1.5-4 nanometers (1 nanometer=1/1000 of a micrometer, 1 micrometer=1/1000 of a millimeter).  Because of this, dye-based inks flow better and have been the standard in inkjet printers. But the dye will re-dissolve and the ink will flow across the paper if drops of water hit the paper. For normal document printing on inkjet paper, photo paper, pvc card etc, we would recommend dye ink as it is much economic compared to pigment ink.


Pigment inks use tiny particles of colored material to provide ink color, rather than paper-staining dyes. Pigment inks are comprised of tiny, encapsulated particles that sit on top of the paper, instead of being absorbed into a paper is fibers, which is what happens with dyes. Most pigment ink printers also offer more subtle color shading, since they use up to eight different ink colors. Pigment inks are much more stable than dye-based inks, and can last more than 200 years on some paper types, under ideal (museum-quality lighting and framing) conditions. For T-shirt printing on dark based / light based cotton materials with transfer papers, it is good to use pigment inks because it is waterproof.

82Sublimation printing has been around for decades, they would print through an inkjet printer that it became an economical and practical in heat transfer printing industry. It is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. (Just like dry ice.)

Sublimation inks from DIYPrintingSupply.com utilize popular desktop inkjet printers from Epson and Ricoh, and a standard heat press machine, to produce premium full-color, photographic-quality images that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. Hard items such as ceramic, fiber board, metals, etc. Requires a special coating on its surface to accept the sublimation inks. If the pressure, time or temperature is not appropriate for a particular sublimation blanks, then the quality of printing will be affected.

Before start heat transfer printing, you need to know which ink suitable for gift product to ensure the image transfer are long lasting.

Start  DIY  Gift Printing Business With DIYPrintingSupply.Com NOW

Company Name : DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd.(983005-H)
Contact Person : 019.3233.864 / 019.3232.556 /019.3232.740
Website : www.DIYPrintingSupply.com
Email : enquiry@DIYPrintingSupply.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/diyprintingsupply

~ Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority ~

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Sublimation, Transfer and Vinyl Printing for T-Shirt Printing Business

Fabric printing is one of DIYPrintingSupply.com specialties.  We supply machinery, machine parts & accessories and other relevant materials for this business.

For those who still new in this business, you must know that in heat transfer printing (especially for fabrics such as T-shirt, cushions, cotton bags etc.), It can be generally classified into 3 categories:-

Sublimation Printing Dryfit, microfiber, jersey, polyester, quick dry T-Shirt materials
Transfer Printing Cotton Tee of both dark-based & light-based fabric
Vinyl Printing Vinyl transfer films such as Flock, PU, Glitter, Glow in Dark, Reflective & Hologram materials
  1. Sublimation Printing:

    Sublimation printing gives you fascinating effect in graphics which it’s display all the details you want in the design.  Sublimation printing were using sublimation ink & sublimation paper.  It can be applied on polyester, microfiber or drift T-shirts.
    Sublimation printing is the process that transferring the sublimation inks on the fabric through high temperature & pressure within 1minutes.  Sublimation T-shirt normally will leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel.

  2. Transfer Printing:

    There are 2types of transfer printing, that is light based and dark based.  Transfer printing will use pigment ink and transfer paper.  It’s applied to all kinds of materials for example polyester, cotton etc.What is the different between  light based and dark based transfer paper? Video below will explain the uses and the differences between this 2types of transfer paper.  Enjoys~

  3. Vinyl printing:

    Vinyl printing  however limited to one color print at one time. The artwork will be sent to a vinyl cutter / plotter  to cuts the design.  Cutting plotter works such as normal printer but it’s using a blade instead of ink when printing.  Once removed the vinyl design from cutter, it’s ready to be applied to your garment.

The process of heat transfer printing is very practical and easy.
With DIYPrintingSupply.com,  we will guide you to all this method by giving FOC 1-to-1 product training in every purchase of our business package.

Click here to know more about our business package. Start your low cost, high profit business TODAY!!


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