DIY Printing Supply at KLIGP 2014!

Just last week, the 6th annual Kuala Lumpur International Gifts, Premium and Stationery Fair (KLIGP) was held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur. The terrific event was organised by the Malaysian Gifts and Premium Association (MGPA) with the help of Federal of Stationers & Booksellers Association of Malaysia (FSBAM) as the co-organiser. The three day event focused mainly on creative retail gifts, promotional premium items, specialty printings, product packaging on display and many more. Besides Malaysia, countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea also opened booths to promote their creativity.


DIY Printing Supply SDN BHD was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to join the amazing event. For DIY Printing Supply, this was our first time at the KLIGP, so we were all very pumped to make this event a success and our expectations were on its peak.Our KLIGP team did a great job with decorating our temporary showroom and made it look very welcoming. We displayed some of our products to ensure that our visitors will have a slight idea of what DIY Printing Supply is about.


We provided literal samples, promotional leaflets, informative brochures, pictures not to mention face to face consultations with our sales and technical team.

10344142_811798902171695_1949177844130221272_oThe three day event kept our KLIGP team very busy. Some visitors came to our booth just to have a good browse at our products while some seemed very interested to buy. There were also visitors that had already studied our website and had in mind exactly what they wanted from our booth.

10255315_811798855505033_814128408710143659_oThe great effort that our team showed during the event was more than excellent. Good job team! Special thanks to KLIGP for organising a successful event for us be part of, thanks to all our customers and visitors who showered us with positive feedback and support, and last but not least millions of thanks for our all the staffs at DIY Printing Supply for all your hard work of making it possible.

Overall, KLIGP 2014 was such a remarkable success for DIY Printing Supply. We can’t wait till KLIGP 2015!


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Start your DIY business with a Heat Press Machine

come in we're openIf you are starting a printing business or perhaps already have one, it is important to purchase a machine that suits your budgets besides it should be somewhat convenient in the present and the future. You should start off with a machine that has multiple functions so that it is your money’s worth.

The type of work that you will be doing, the amount of work, and your work space area are some of the factors that needs to be taken under consideration while choosing for the right business equipment, not to mention also the manner and experience of the person who will be operating the machines.


An equipment that has multifunction qualities is the heat press machine which can be used transferring graphic images on any kind of material with a flat surface such as

T-shirts, pillow cushions, jigsaw puzzles, and phone casings. It is best to choose a
heat press machine with good quality in order to save valuable time and expense.



A heat press is a machine which allows you to transfer graphic images you have printed earlier with your printer, onto a material of your choice. There are varieties of heat press machines that come in different shapes and sizes that you can choose from.

DIY Printing Supply provides you with A4 and A3 sized heat presses. We also have varieties of heat presses to choose from like the combo heat press, mug heat press and cap heat press.

DMHP-ER_pic1 DPHP-ER_pic1

Along with these heat press machine, there are accessories to go along with them such as soft mats, teflon sheets and oven gloves which are optional however might be very handy.

Heat presses provide features like full digital temperature control, automatic digital timer, advanced casted aluminum heating board for excellent heat conductivity solid steel welded framework with easy pressure adjustment, and aesthetic appearance with less noise, plus security and a longer lifetime.

Start  DIY  Gift Printing Business With DIYPrintingSupply.Com NOW

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Difference Between Dyes Ink, Sublimation Ink and Pigment Ink

All inkjet printer inks used in the home and most businesses use a similar formulation. The basic make-up of ink jet inks is de-ionized water as the solvent, isopropyl alcohol or glycol as the drying agent, and dye base to provide the color. There is a 3main ink use for printing which is Dye Ink, Sublimation Ink, and Pigment Ink.


The dye in the dye-based ink dissolves in water like sugar does in water completely.
It’s also known for easily obtaining saturated, brilliant colors due to its small molecular size, 1.5-4 nanometers (1 nanometer=1/1000 of a micrometer, 1 micrometer=1/1000 of a millimeter).  Because of this, dye-based inks flow better and have been the standard in inkjet printers. But the dye will re-dissolve and the ink will flow across the paper if drops of water hit the paper. For normal document printing on inkjet paper, photo paper, pvc card etc, we would recommend dye ink as it is much economic compared to pigment ink.


Pigment inks use tiny particles of colored material to provide ink color, rather than paper-staining dyes. Pigment inks are comprised of tiny, encapsulated particles that sit on top of the paper, instead of being absorbed into a paper is fibers, which is what happens with dyes. Most pigment ink printers also offer more subtle color shading, since they use up to eight different ink colors. Pigment inks are much more stable than dye-based inks, and can last more than 200 years on some paper types, under ideal (museum-quality lighting and framing) conditions. For T-shirt printing on dark based / light based cotton materials with transfer papers, it is good to use pigment inks because it is waterproof.

82Sublimation printing has been around for decades, they would print through an inkjet printer that it became an economical and practical in heat transfer printing industry. It is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. (Just like dry ice.)

Sublimation inks from utilize popular desktop inkjet printers from Epson and Ricoh, and a standard heat press machine, to produce premium full-color, photographic-quality images that will not crack, peel or wash away from the substrate.

The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. Hard items such as ceramic, fiber board, metals, etc. Requires a special coating on its surface to accept the sublimation inks. If the pressure, time or temperature is not appropriate for a particular sublimation blanks, then the quality of printing will be affected.

Before start heat transfer printing, you need to know which ink suitable for gift product to ensure the image transfer are long lasting.

Start  DIY  Gift Printing Business With DIYPrintingSupply.Com NOW

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Sublimation, Transfer and Vinyl Printing for T-Shirt Printing Business

Fabric printing is one of specialties.  We supply machinery, machine parts & accessories and other relevant materials for this business.

For those who still new in this business, you must know that in heat transfer printing (especially for fabrics such as T-shirt, cushions, cotton bags etc.), It can be generally classified into 3 categories:-

Sublimation Printing Dryfit, microfiber, jersey, polyester, quick dry T-Shirt materials
Transfer Printing Cotton Tee of both dark-based & light-based fabric
Vinyl Printing Vinyl transfer films such as Flock, PU, Glitter, Glow in Dark, Reflective & Hologram materials
  1. Sublimation Printing:

    Sublimation printing gives you fascinating effect in graphics which it’s display all the details you want in the design.  Sublimation printing were using sublimation ink & sublimation paper.  It can be applied on polyester, microfiber or drift T-shirts.
    Sublimation printing is the process that transferring the sublimation inks on the fabric through high temperature & pressure within 1minutes.  Sublimation T-shirt normally will leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel.

  2. Transfer Printing:

    There are 2types of transfer printing, that is light based and dark based.  Transfer printing will use pigment ink and transfer paper.  It’s applied to all kinds of materials for example polyester, cotton etc.What is the different between  light based and dark based transfer paper? Video below will explain the uses and the differences between this 2types of transfer paper.  Enjoys~

  3. Vinyl printing:

    Vinyl printing  however limited to one color print at one time. The artwork will be sent to a vinyl cutter / plotter  to cuts the design.  Cutting plotter works such as normal printer but it’s using a blade instead of ink when printing.  Once removed the vinyl design from cutter, it’s ready to be applied to your garment.

The process of heat transfer printing is very practical and easy.
With,  we will guide you to all this method by giving FOC 1-to-1 product training in every purchase of our business package.

Click here to know more about our business package. Start your low cost, high profit business TODAY!!


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Four Criteria Every DIY Gift Business Owner Should Have

56DIY personalised gift business is are very rewarding and profitable business.  However, every business has its own risk.  There are also several things you need to give an extra attention to avoid making mistakes.

Stupid mistake may cost you a fortune. will help you to avoid those problems by giving you 4tips you need to implement to start making money in DIY gift business.

Stay Focus

Remember, quality is more important than quantity.  Stay focus on what you’re producing and focus on your market segmentation.  Don’t worry, there are tons of fish in the oceans. :)

Lets the market know about you and your product.  For example, if your target market is more on publics, you might start by producing for holiday gifts such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


Always study about your supplier before you pick one.  Choose suppliers who can help you to minimize costs with the best quality product.  Start small and don’t buy more than you can comfortably store and afford. It’s better to grow in the future than to start too big at the beginning. are one of the best supplier in the gift business industry, check it out our website for more info <<CLICK HERE>>



The internet is a great way to start selling. Although you’re only focusing for the local area, it is still good for your business to have a website.  Having a website is convenient for you to track your sales record and for customer to find and purchase products.

DIY production team’s also have it owns website for those who are looking and searching for personalised gift products.  Click here for more info -


Finally, think about how much commitment you want to put into your gift business. Do you want to stay at home, or are you hoping to move to a warehouse or retail shop in the future?

There is no right or wrong answer, but these are questions that need to be answered as you write your business plan.23

Opening a business required a hard work.  But many people find great satisfaction when working from home and running a small business. They are working for themselves, and they have more time with their family.




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GRAPHTEC Silhouette Cameo 12″ Contour Cutting Plotter & Vinyl Cutters

Graphtec Silhouette Cameo – Malaysia Distributor

The Silhouette CAMEO® connects to your computer, allowing you the freedom to cut all your fonts, download thousands of designs from Internet, or design shapes of your own with the included software.

It has an optical scanner that reads registration marks printed with your design and cuts precisely around the image.

The small footprint and the ability to cut vinyl, heat applied transfers, and also cut pre-printed designs from your desktop printer makes the Silhouette CAMEO™ perfect for your mobile sign applications, customized apparel and takeaways at kiosks, plus more.


Silhouette Studio®

  • FREE software included with every Silhouette CAMEO®
  • Mac® and PC compatible
  • contains powerful design tools to create your own shapes
  • organize and store all your shapes in the Silhouette Studio® library
  • Download new designs 24/7 from the Silhouette Online Store
  • Choose from thousands of cuttable designs without having to buy a cartridge
  • Most shapes are just 99¢ each


The Silhouette CAMEO® has an optical scanner that reads registration marks printed with your design and cuts precisely around the image. Other benefits are:

  • Cut fonts already installed on your computer
  • Resize designs and text from 1/4″ to 12″ wide and 10′ long
  • Cut a variety of materials including: cardstock, fabric, magnet paper, paper, adhesive vinyl, vellum, chipboard, transparencies, heat transfer material

In short, Silhouette Cameo® is the perfect personal desktop cutting machine for home, do-it-yourself projects.  Video Tutorial below shows how does this magical machine helps your business runs easily.  Enjoy the show~

Expand DIY Photo Gift Business With Diyprintingsupply.Com

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Why Does Mug Printing Business is so Profitable?


Intro – Mug Printing Business

There are many “big” suppliers or manufacturers out there in the market who providing mug printing services.

However, most of them are providing decal printing on mug that have advantages & disadvantages below.

- lowest printing cost
- able to print on different types / shapes of mugs


  • NO PERSONALISATION is possible. All mugs are same design / colour printing
  • LARGE order quantity (500 or above) is required. Of course the lesser quantity, the more expensive it is
  • LONG delivery time line
  • HIGH startup business investment
  • LOW profit margin
Thus, if we have a mug printing business ideas that have advantages below to fulfill the market demands, would you be interested?


  • PERSONALISATION on each mug (different name or photo printing on each mug)
  • SMALL order quantity is allowed (as low as one unit), suitable for door gifts for party, reunion, seminar etc
  • SHORT delivery time line (print one mug in 3min)
  • LOW startup business investment (start your mug printing business in RM1,xxx only)
  • HIGH profit margin due to personalisation (you are not selling mug, but selling concept)

If you are interested, read it on.

Heat transfer printing is the best choice! Let us calculate the profit for mug heat transfer printing with white mug as example.

Case Study: If you are selling WHITE MUG with personalised name or photo printing company as corporate gifts.


Cost of Blank Mug: RM4.00
Printing: RM0.35
Total Cost Price: RM4.35

Suggested Market Selling Price: RM27.00


= RM27.00 - RM4.35
= RM22.65


PROFIT: RM5662.50

Interested in making RM5662.50 with Mug Printing Business?

Hot Mug Printing Business by as per photo below!!!

Generate More Income with Mug Printing Business
With Today. CALL US NOW!!!

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The Difference Between Sublimation Printing & Transfer Printing

What materials suitable for sublimation & transfer printing?

Sublimation Printing
Using sublimation ink & sublimation paper in heat transfer printing. Apply on polyester, microfibre or dryfit T-shirts. For more details, please visit T-shirt Sublimation Printing Business Package.

Transfer Printing
Using pigment ink & transfer paper in heat transfer printing. Apply on all kinds of materials including polyester & cotton. For more details, please visit T-shirt Transfer Printing Business Package.

Close Up Shot of T-shirt Printing

Sublimation Printing
The sublimation inks are transferred on the polyester fabric through high temperature & pressure in 60seconds. Sublimated T-shirts leave a permanent, vivid image with a soft-to-the-hand feel.


Transfer Printing (Light Based)
As heat is applied onto the light based transfer paper’s protective sheet. The printed coated film releases itself from the protective sheet and adheres to the fabric or T-shirt.


Transfer Printing (Dark Based)
Its coated film has the adhesive on the back side.
Light colours which are challenging to see on dark colored surfaces, will appear as the actual color when transferred.



Generate More Income with Mug Printing Business
With Today. CALL US NOW!!!

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What is Heat Transfer Printing?

Introduction of Heat Transfer Printing Technology

In past few years, heat transfer printing were mainly used in the printing of novelty items, such as polyester tops and t-shirts. But today heat transfer printing has gained significant importance and favor in several industries – especially in the personalized gift industry as an alternative for printing more unique personalized gifts with no minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it appealing in today’s health and safety conscience work environments. There are no suspect liquid
by-products. It is the perfect medium for the demands of today’s marketplace.

What do you need to have for heat transfer printing?

Heat Press Machine

A heat press machine is engineered to imprint a design on a substrate such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat & pressure for a preset period of time.


Sublimation Inks / Papers

With high quality sublimation inks and sublimation papers, the printing on gift items will be durable and vivid.

Heat transfer printing helps you to create more than 200 types of personalised gifts products.  Heat transfer printing also help you to generate extra income as it required low capital but provides high profits.

Heat transfer printing process is very simple as it’s using an highly convenient and user friendly heat press machine. Please watch How to Print T-shirt With Heat Transfer Printing in YouTube below to see how simple and fast you can custom make gift products such as T-shirt, cushions, mouse pad etc.  Enjoy~

Generate More Income with Mug Printing Business
With Today. CALL US NOW!!!

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Everything You Need to Know About Mug Printing Business

In mug printing business, mug heat press is very crucial and in we provide it at a very reasonable price. This machine is using Europe excellent technology. Digital mug heat press helps you to create beautiful and full-color imprints on a standard 11oz mugs with a replaceable heater element of silicon mug wraps.


It only takes 190 seconds to print your pictures on a coated ceramic, porcelain or polymer mugs. Mug press can be attached with additional mug press attachment to accommodate small mugs of 6oz and cone mugs of latte 12oz and 17oz etc. to ease production.

Making photo mug is very easy.  As easy as Create=Print=Press. 

Below table explained details on the process of C=P=P 




Create design using any of design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint etc. Print your design using dye sublimation ink onto high quality sublimation paper using standard Epson or Ricoh printer. Using a standard flatbed or mug heat press.  By using a wide variety of hard or soft high margin products, you may press your design.

How to print a standard porcelain mug (11oz) with mug press machine

In this article, we show you how to process mug printing by using mug press machine.  Please be informed that this process is very simple and although you don’t have a technical background, you can still understand if you follow the step correctly. Let’s START!


Generate More Income with Mug Printing Business
With Today. CALL US NOW!!!

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