Sponsored Button Badge for Blood Donation Campaign of Lions Club of Sungai Buloh



Sg Buloh Combine Photo 2 Sg Buloh Combine Photo

PrintEveryone can make a world of difference to someone in somewhere with a simple and short procedure. Blood donation is the simplest way that you can do anytime and be sure that you have helped someone with this little procedure.

A number of blood donors gathered at SJK (C) Sungai Buloh to donate blood on 12th October 2014 that organized by Lions Club of Sungai Buloh District 308-B2 Malaysia.

We, DIYPrintingSupply.com also involved in this blood donation campaign. In order to support this meaningful event, we have sponsored and custom made a button badge for all the blood donors, nurses, doctors, helpers and also blood donor’s families. To make this event more memorable, we took their photo and printed on the button badge and give them instantly. This personalized photo button badge is the motivating materials and act to sensitize the community and make them feel that they had contributed to the society after they donate their blood.

Last but not least, thank you Lions Club of Sungai Buloh for giving us this opportunity to contribute to the society and all the support from everyone out there.  See you all soon!

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Why Certificates are Essential for your Business

We are very certain that everyone has been awarded with a certificate at least once in their lifetime, whether it was a certificate for achievement or participation. These days, during the 21st century it is near impossible that someone has never gotten a certificate.

When you received your certificate after something big or small that you achieved, remember the rush of feelings that you had? You were so proud of yourself for achieving something great and you deserved it because you have worked so hard in order to achieve it.

So why not create something like that in your business? Give back to your customers by rewarding them with certificates. Awarding certificates is important to your business. It is the least you can do by rewarding loyal customers. Your customers will feel appreciated and will consider making you their ‘go to’ supplier. By presenting your customers with certificates, who knows you might even score a lifetime customer!

As the owner of your business, every creative thinking counts. So get creative with your awards! You can establish a system where once a year, there will be an award giving ceremony where you award your loyal customers with certificates and gifts. Some ideas of awards are: The most active award, the most loyal customer award, the most efficient award and so many more.

You can also give out certificates to your customers once they have just completed training or a workshop. Like at DIYPrintingSupply, every customer that undergoes training with us will be awarded a certificate to show that they have achieved something new.

Overall, giving back to your most loyal customers can actually give back great profits. Even little things like awarding certificates and gifts are important for your business.

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Who Want to Be A Millionaire?

MillionaireWhat is the secret to be successful in business and becoming a great entrepreneur? The answer is here!

  1. Love What you do
    Because starting a business requires hard work and a long time, you should like what you do. If you love to take photos and make use of the Photoshop, then, gift printing business might suit you wellpraca-zdalna
  2. Start Your Business When You Are Still Working.
    It is best if you intend to start a business while you’re still working wage. Start your business while you’re still working means you still have pocket money while carrying out the first phase of starting a business. However, you must get ready emotionally and physically as there is more time required for you to focus with both your daily job and business routine.
  3. Financial Freedom
    First of all, you must understand properties of money. There are a lot of rich people who then fell poor because they fail to understand about financial freedom. Set your goal for today that after 10-20 years, you will free from any debts.
  4. images (1)Do Not Be A Stingy Person
    If you just started your business, do not be stingy person. If you almost success in your business, do not be stingy person. When you become a very successful business owner, still the same law applies, do not be a stingy person. According to Estee Lauder, the man will not become rich because other people will reply this stingy attitude. The really rich do not focus to reduce expenses. They are instead trying to maximize income.
  5. Add Knowledge
    If you think that your money will be a source of peace, then you are wrong. One thing that can guarantee the peace of life in this world is the knowledge, experience and ability. Without these three things, how much money in hand already there’s the point. So, once you decide to start a business, you must ready to learn and gain as much knowledge as you can. Do not worry, there were many senior in your field will help you. DIYPrintingSupply.com is also providing training for our customer who is business beginner.

Books_of_KnowledgeTo us, building a business is something to be proud of, bring together talented people and create something that could change the lives of others.

Starts your journey to become a great entrepreneur with DIYPrintingSupply.com today! DIY gifts printing business is the best low cost and high profit business. Click button below to start NOW!!!

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4 Reasons Why Transfer Printing Is Popular Among Heat Transfer Printing Business Owner

01You may be wondering why transfer paper is needed in the transfer printing process. Why can the design directly print onto the fabrics? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. To print directly onto the product is costly and have high maintenance. It is not advised for beginners and small business entrepreneur. Why spend more when you can still make money with a lower capital?
  2. Transfer printing does not require you to master technical skills. As long as you know the basic ways to handle the machine, and your design will look great! You definitely have a high potential in this business. The rejected items rate are also relatively low compared to direct printing.
  3. It is easy to stock and the storage cost are cheaper compared to direct printing. This is because the designs are kept on the paper and not on the printed garment and paper do not require wide spaces compared to garments.
  4. Transfer printing process does not require a high capital to begin. Most of the machinery and equipment for transfer printing are affordable and easy to locate. Transfer printing is very flexible and it is able to do single printing (suitable for start-up business).
02image is courtesy of Google

Do you know that you can get heat transfer paper for both dark based and light based for wholesale price with us? YES, it is true!! Why DIYPrintingSupply.com?

  • Customer service satisfaction
  • Customer & technical support
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Nationwide business networking
  • Recommended by Google search engine

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10 Reasons Why You Must Choose Vinyl Printing

03Vinyl printing is best used on DIY gift products such as T-shirts, caps, tote bags, cushion covers etc. Other than that, you can also use vinyl printing to make signage as to replace banners or posters. This helps you to market your product or showroom to the public.

Below are 10 reasons why people tend to choose vinyl printing:

  1. Vinyl last longer, the image won’t fade away easily because of its resistance to humidity and moisture.
  2. Vinyl is water resistance as it is maked from a durable plastic material.
  3. Vinyl is made from environmentally friendly material. You can have it recycled and reused easily.
  4. Vinyl can be processed in both transparent and solid.
  5. Vinyl can help you to increase the attractiveness of the design because it uses variety of bright colors
  6. 07Vinyl has high visibility when you can use it to make personalised gifts such as T-shirts, cushions, caps and etc.
  7. Vinyl are removable and leave no sticky residue.  It’s perfect for making vehicle or wall stickers.
  8. Vinyl can be found in three types of materials; that is in matte, semi-gloss and glossy.
  9. Vinyl is used to make promotional danglers, diaries, banners, notepads, flyers, cards, logos and many more.
  10. Vinyl is cost effective. Most vinyl is sold at affordable prices. DIYPrintingSupply.com can provide you with wholesales prices.

There are more reasons why people tend to choose vinyl printing for heat transfer printing business.

At DIYPrintingSupply.com, we will assists you from the top on how to make quality product with minimum starting cost.  With 100% customer satisfying guarantee, we can assured you we are your BEST choice! Click button below now to start!!!


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Four Methods in T-shirt Printing Business

11Do you know that there are many printing methods  for you to choose from in T-shirt making and designing. Let us discuss 4 types of T-shirt printing methods:

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is an inexpensive way for producing in high amounts and maintaining the same quality. If you can see, most of graphic tees found in the market are being produced using this method. However, if you want to start small, screen printing is really not for you. Because if you produce less than 10 pieces at one time, the production cost is higher.

Click this link to check out detail on how to screen print http://www.screenprintinghowto.org/

Vinyl Cut Printing

The second method is vinyl cut printing. This method is suitable for simple designs such as numbering or wordings for garments such as jersey, sports T-shirt etc. Using this method involves the application of cutting plotter machine (to cut the vinyl) and a heat press machine to provide heat and pressure to transfer the designs onto T-shirt. However, you can also use traditional ways which is by making use iron and a pair of scissors.

Digital Printing (DTG-Direct to Garment)

The third method is by using digital printing. Most T-shirt printing business owners agree that digital printing is the best printing method, especially when you want to print designs with multi-colour in one shot. This method is also economical for small business owners.

12Heat Transfer Printing
The final method is by using heat transfer printing. This method is also suitable for business start-up and low budget businesses. If you know how to manage the heat and pressure proficiently, you will get excellent results.

For your information, DIYPrintingSupply.com expertise in heat transfer printing and we are willing to help anyone who is interested in this industry by providing low cost business start-up packages, special one-on-one product training plus marketing and business tips from time to time.

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5 Do It Yourself Small Business Marketing and Sales Tips

51When you start a business, you will always have a feeling to conquer the market. But not many know where to START or HOW TO DO IT.

In this post, we would like to share tips in order to market and sale your product.

1.   Do Not Fear To Start

In any business, you must know they will be a risk you need to faces. Most important is you must have high confidence level to succeed and do not fear to start. No matter what, remember, great success begin with 1st step.

2.   Focus On Your Target Audience

It’s very important for you to know who will be your customer. When you know who will buy your product or use your services, other marketing plan will be very easy. You also need to study about your target market, identifying their needs before you can create something that will help to satisfy their needs.

253    Start  A Company Blog

Blog have their own power to inform your audience about your company, your product or services and many more. You can also share useful tips about anything that might caught people attentions and to build good relationship. Always allowed them to comment because from that, you know what they want.

4.   Run SEO Campaign

SEO is important in order to make many visitor comes to your website. This is the most cost effective way to connect buyers with seller. There’s no better way to market your business than to ensure your company is highly visible when a potential customer searches for your product or services online.  SEO by far, gives us the highest return on our investment.

5.   Measuring Your Marketing 

Always measure your marketing plan from time to time. You must know does your marketing plan is successful or not. If your plan A doesnt work, don’t panic, you still have another 25 more letters right?

Follow DIYPrintingSupply.com for more business tips and to learn more about heat transfer printing business. For instance, how to make money in DIY gift printing businesses with T-Shirt printing, Button Badge making, PVC Cards making and many more?

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DIYPrintingSupply.com in BOOK OF RECORDS by KERIS Award for The Year 2002-2013.


In the post DIYPrintingSupply.com at ‘12th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise – Keris Award 2013’ we have shared about the award and recognition received by DIY Printing Supply Sdn. Bhd. by Entrepreneur Development Association, Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance and Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Councils.

This time, again DIYPrintingSupply.com has received an honour to take part in BOOK OF RECORDS by KERIS award for the year 2002-2013.

Let’s us recap the proposed of  “The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award” is:

  • In this commercialized society where deceits and frauds have tremendously impeded the comprehensive development of the entire industry, honesty of an enterprise has become increasingly important. Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, its reputation as well as public image in the market. It is also a vital indicator when entrepreneurs choose their strategic partners or when consumers make their purchasing decisions. We look forward to building up an “Asia Pacific Honesty Enterprise Community”, which will definitely benefit honest entrepreneurs.
  • To promote the reformation, renovation and computerization of pioneering enterprises so as to encourage the development and progress of other enterprises.
  • To enhance and promote the collaboration, information exchange and cooperation among enterprises within the Asia Pacific region

DIY Page - Copy (3)We at DIYPrintingSupply.com feel very fortunate and appreciates everyone who has kept supporting us from day one until we have become who we are today. This award is proof that we are committed in this business and we will continue helping YOU to start your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the heat transfer printing industry.

How do we help you?

  1. By giving the best quality product with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
  2. By providing best and competitive price on the machine and sublimation blanks
  3. By giving best sharing technical services and product knowledge.
  4. many more..

Start making money with heat transfer printing business. Low cost and high profit business available today. Get PROMO price for DIY Business Package here~

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How to make Magnet Sticker With Epson Printer T60 & Silhouette Cameo?

fridge magnet stickerHave you ever left your fridge empty without any accessories stick on it? Like, seriously? Sticker magnet is a very cool, especially when you used it as a promotional tool. If you are targeting homemakers, the custom magnet sticker is the best promotional gift item.

Any sized of magnetic sticker, will always give a good impact for the company.  This is why, we can see most companies choosing an attractive color and image to capture viewer attention.

Magnetic Papers

There are 2 types of custom magnets:

  1. Acrylic fridge magnets: they were thicker and suitable to promote long-term advertisements.
  2. Jumbo acrylic magnets: it have solid design that can help to promote business products or services.

How to DIY Magnet Sticker

You can always use traditional method which is design-print-cut and done! However, does the outcome give you great result with 100% satisfaction?

This is why DIYPrintingSupply.com introduce the Cutting Plotter Business Package! With this package, the process of making magnet sticker will be much more easier.

The process of making custom magnet sticker with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO® is as easy as below diagram:

how to make magnet sticker

 1. Design

There are many software online and offline you can choose to design such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Remember, sometimes less is more.

Epson T60

2. Print with Epson T60

Print (we proposed using Epson T60) your design on the magnetic paper. Choose from different magnetic papers (glossy or matte) and select the perfect magnetic paper for your particular use.


3. Cut with Silhouette Silhouette CAMEO®

Silhouette CAMEO® helps with cuts any type designs out of a variety of materials, including the sticker papers, photo papers, magnetic papers and transfer papers to vinyl transfer films and more up to 12″ wide and 10 feet long. Watch this video for more understanding~

Now you can start DIY magnetic sticker with Cutting Plotter Package by DIYPrintingSupply.com. Get DIY PROMO Package from RM2,xxx and received Silhouette CAMEO® with cutting mat, adjustable blade, silhouette studio, instructional DVD, universal hook, tweezers as well as training & certificate.

call us today


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DIYPrintingSupply.com at TAC Total Annual Conference 2014

On 9th August 2014, Total Business Advisory Sdn Bhd. has organised an event called TAC (Total Annual Conference) plus the annual dinner. They have invited many of their clients including DIYPrintingSupply.com.

TAC Total Annual Conference 2014For your information, Total Group of Companies (TOTAL) in Malaysia is the provider of accounting advisory services, audit, tax, business advisory services and financial advisory services. TOTAL’s approach is assisting and responding to client’s complex business challenges.

The purposed of the event is as a friendly, welcoming for all TOTAL clients and also in order to launch the new GST software called ATS (Audit Tracking System) to help merchants in dealing with taxation.

The TBA has invited YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (Member of Parliment for Lembah Pantai and the Vice President of KEADILAN) to launch the new ATS software in this historical ceremony.

DIYPrintingSupply.com at TAC Total Annual Conference 2014DIYPrintingSupply.com is also taking part in this event by sponsoring about 300 photo mugs as a door gift. As return, we had received a special sponsorship token from YB Nurul Izzah Anwar and Total Business Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

TAC Photo MugsPhoto mugs are a great corporate gift especially for an event that required formal attractions such as annual dinner, product launching etc. DIYPrintingSupply.com are very honored to take part in this event and had an opportunity to contribute our classic white mugs.

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